Mitch Ensor, battled ALS – Lou Gehrigs Disease with the strength of character we find inspiring! Mitch is a former hunting show cameraman and life-long outdoors enthusiast. During his battle, Mitch found ways to continue his passion for hunting. Moreover, Mitch’s legacy continues to lead friends, family and community in the fight against ALS. He became an inspiration to us all!

Mitch’s strong determination to hunt despite adversity drives home the legitimacy of the hunting passion of people like Mitch; and, the dead-down certainty that we all will face adversity as we wander in search of fulfilling our quests.

If you wonder what can be the viability of hunting for those men and women hunters with disabilities — the answer lies in that primordial stew from which emerges their quest to fulfill their inner need to hunt. Hunters & gatherers are we all — its in our DNA. But these folk not only add special evidence of this truth, they provide a special lift to our evolving handle on humanity. Should we bend to the special needs of the vulnerable? We think so — it is an honor and a pleasure — and we don’t see it as “bending,” rather, we see it as coming back down to earth to get on board with reality.

If you would like to help contact ALS nearest you and volunteer your time & money.

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