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Hunters - Mitch Ensor

Mitch battles ALS - Lou Gehrigs Disease with the strength of character we find inspiring! Josh Ory and Johnny Ball are Mitch's hunting buddies in this episode. They are not so sure Mitch is right about the availability of turkey in this field on this day.

Mitch's intuition, experience, and stubborn determination (make that stubborn with a capital "S") make him certain that turkey are just around the bend. But, sometimes wars are lost despite being right in any one of the battles. With his buddies' enthusiasm for the location wavering, Mitch plays to his inner strengths: a solid understanding of people which he puts into action using a little of that sweet southern charm. This crew stays on site where Mitch is sure a Gobbler is within reach.

This episode delves into just what hunting means to those afflicted and to their caregivers -- and how we treat these folks might impact the future of hunting. Too often these fine folk are overlooked in some areas of this great country albeit without malice of fore-thought. Not always, but often enough we find consideration is not given to the little help they might need to make their hunt possible and even as enjoyable as it is for others. Maybe not enough of us can see the mountains of adversity they climb each day and yet are able to consistently reach deep and display the fine positive attitudes they bring to the hunt.

Deep down, somewhere around the gut level, this episode hits us all with something we should seek to face early in life as we must face later in life. This example of strong determination to hunt despite adversity drives home the legitimacy of the hunting passion of people like Mitch; and, the dead-down certainty that we all will face adversity as we wander in search of fulfilling our quests.

If you wonder what can be the viability of hunting for those men and women hunters with disabilities -- the answer lies in that primordial stew from which emerges their quest to fulfill their inner need to hunt. Hunters & gatherers are we all -- its in our DNA. But these folk not only add special evidence of this truth, they provide a special lift to our evolving handle on humanity. Should we bend to the special needs of the vulnerable? We think so -- it is an honor and a pleasure -- and we don't see it as "bending," rather, we see it as coming back down to earth to get on board with reality.

Mitch Ensor, with ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease, is a former hunting show cameraman and life-long outdoors enthusiast. Mitch has found ways to continue his passion for hunting. Moreover, Mitch continues to lead friends, family and community in the fight against ALS. He has become an inspiration to us all!

If you would like to help contact ALS nearest you and vounteer your time & money.

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